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Auckland Branch 2024 Functions 

Here are the details of the branch meetings which have been organised for our Auckland members this year. We have some interesting speakers so please put the dates in your diary and more details will be published on the website closer to the function date. Our April and October newsletters will also contain information on these functions. The venue is the Western Springs Community Hall 2 and start time is 10.30am. There is a large car park at the venue where you can park for free.  A morning tea is provided. These events are free to our members and their guests. We would love to see some new faces this year !

Branch AGM on 4 June 2024:

Our guest speaker is from the Third Age Foundation. The Foundation is a registered charity who believe that emotional well being plays a big role in in our overall health and longevity.  They assist people in their third age to form Flourishing Groups in the community and then encourage participants to age in a positive way and embrace all the benefits of becoming older. Once the participant is comfortable they can share some of their own personal experiences with the group. It's a very safe place to make friends, share and learn. Our guest speaker is a facilitator of one such group in a central Auckland suburb. 

Branch Meeting on 17 September 2024:

A representative from AUDIKA will give an address on how hearing loss can affect our memory as we age. Dementia NZ has awarded AUDIKA "Dementia Friendly" status.  A special guest will explain her own hearing loss journey. 

Christmas Function on 4 December 2024

Details of this function are to be advised.



Introducing your current Auckland Branch Committee members:


Chairman  Sandie Gusscott  Education 021 806 973
Vice Chairman Craig Jensen  Crown Research 09 378 4054
Secretary  Andrea Beechey   0800 888 472
  Murray McElwain (80+) Railways 09 266 9959
Rosemary Bell    
Defence 09 8385575
  Eric Bowater Education 09 482 0250
  Neil Carey Railways 09 625 4058
  Keith Rawlings Defence 021 882 959
  Claire Couch Education 09 420 8216
  Max Thomson Post Office 09 479 1681
  Denise Greenwood Education 027 621 4840



Annuity News and Auckland Branch Newsletter

If you currently receive your six monthly Annuity News and Auckland Branch Newsletters by post but are willing to receive them by email please contact the Auckland Secretary on 0800 888 472.  This will assist the GSA to keep the rising publishing and postage costs of our newsletters down.


Have you moved house recently?

If you have moved house in the last six months and have forgotten to let us know, please phone the Auckland Secretary on 0800 888 472.  Datacom, the administrators of your Annuity would also need to be advised.  Please contact them per below.

Datacom (GSF): phone 0800 654 731 or email

Datacom (NPF): phone 0800 628 776 or email


Have you heard any interesting speakers lately ?

Auckland Branch is always looking for new speakers for our meetings.  As our membership is far reaching and many of our members belong to other groups who have speakers at their meetings, we ask that if you hear someone speak whom you think would be good to have at an Auckland Branch meeting, please pass their contact details on to the Branch Secretary, Andrea at or phone her on 0800 888 472.

To find out more about activities planned for members, or to suggest other activities or venues, contact:

Branch Secretary
Andrea Beechey
0800 888 472




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