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Schemes administration: Datacom Employer Services Limited
The administrator of the GSF and NPF schemes is Datacom Employer Services. Datacom is responsible for the day-to-day management of the schemes, including the collection of contributions and payment of annuities. Enquiries on these issues by or about individual members of the GSF or NPF schemes should be directed to:

GSF schemes: at or phone 0800 654 731 call free or +64 4 470 6348

NPF scheme: or phone 0800 628 776 or +64 4 381 0650

Quote your annuity number - this can be found on the letter you receive annually from Datacom.

The Government Superannuation Fund (GSF)
Government Superannuation Fund is a term used to describe a group of government superannuation schemes and the assets ("the Fund") held to meet the obligations of those schemes. Its activities are controlled by the Government Superannuation Fund Act 1956. The GSF Authority ( assumed responsibility for the custody, investment and management of the Fund in 2001. It reports annually to Parliament.

New Zealand Government
A guide to central government services can be found on:

New Zealand Superannuation
For information about New Zealand Superannuation and other citizen entitlements visit

Other organisations of interest
There are a number of organisations directed to assisting superannuitants generally.
Some of those with a New Zealand wide coverage are:

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