GSA membership

Both GSF and NPF annuitants and current contributors to the GSF or NPF defined benefit scheme, together with their spouse/partner, can be members of the GSA.

Apply to join here

You need your GSF (or NPF) number. This can be found on the letter you receive from Datacom annually advising your cost of living adjustment or, if a contributor, your annual letter in September.

Include your spouse/partner as a member as well, at no extra cost. Just enter her/his name in your application.

Benefits of GSA membership

A strong united voice offers the best chance of protecting your entitlement and safeguarding your interests and those of your family. The GSA provides that voice.

Being a member, you strengthen our position by adding your support to our continuing efforts to have scheme anomalies removed.  

You can have your say at local branch meetings and get involved in the social programme, and engage in discussion in our Facebook Group should you wish to do so.

GSA subscription

The GSA subscription is currently $2.50 per annuity, deducted from the member’s annuity 4-weekly. Members still working and contributing (or who have deferred their annuity) pay the annual subscription of $32.50. The subscription is apportioned to support the functions of the GSA in the member's branch and in the GSA overall.

Annuity News & other GSA publications

Members receive the GSA newsletter Annuity News twice yearly. See the latest issue of Annuity News. 

Members receive a guidebook Retirement and Your Annuity, a booklet to record personal information, and an annuity pay day card.

Members are invited periodically to fill out a questionnaire to keep branches and the Board informed of their needs. 


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