The GSA constitution sets out the structure of the GSA, an Incorporated Society, and its functions.  


The GSA has 19 branches. Each branch elects a committee that provides members with information on the GSA’s work, interacts with members on current issues, and arranges activities for members. Each branch issues a newsletter twice yearly, issued with Annuity News. The branch committee employs a secretary to provide branch administration. Contact your branch.

The branches elect delegates to the GSA Council that meets annually to formulate policy and elect a Board to conduct the day-to-day business of the GSA.

The Council
The Council is the supreme governing and policy-making body of the GSA and comprises two delegates  from each of the 19 branches and members of the Board. (only Branch delegates and the GSA President are entitled to vote).

The Board
The Board conducts the business of the Association between meetings of the Council and gives effect to its policies.

The Board comprises the President, Vice-President and five other members all elected by the Council, and up to two other members appointed by the Board.

Members of the 2018/19 Board are currently:

President:   Tony Hamilton (Northland)

Elected:  Rob Brangwin (Hawkes Bay), Dallas Elvy (Wellington), Bill Robertson (Wellington), Mike Smith (Wellington).

Appointed:  Alan Straker (Marlborough), Marjorie Thomas (Hawkes Bay)

Executive Officer
The Board appoints an Executive Officer to manage GSA operations. Our
 current Executive Officer is Robyn Doherty who took over the role in September 2021.

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